Essential macOS Software: Suspicious Package

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I always try to view package contents when I download a .pkg file, with something like Pacifist. The other day, doing that installed some malware:

malware screenshot

I hadn’t run it, just opened in Pacifist. Bitdefender caught and deleted it, but it’s the first time I’ve seen malware on my Mac.

After that scare, I found Suspicious Package from Mothers Ruin Software:

Suspicious Package: An Application for Inspecting macOS Installer Packages

  • Do you know what files that macOS Installer package actually installs?
  • Do you know what scripts it runs during installation, and what they do?
  • Do you know who the package really came from?

With Suspicious Package, you can answer these questions and more. Maybe you’re quite literally suspicious of a package you’ve downloaded. Or perhaps you’re just curious about what some package does. Or maybe you want to find out after the fact exactly what files a package scattered across your computer. Whatever the reason, Suspicious Package allows you to see inside an installer package. (And it’s completely free.)

Suspicious Package screenshot [Biggify]


Be suspicious. Use Suspicious Package from Mothers Ruin Software.