Hi, I’m James - an English guy living in Hong Kong - into technology, photos, comedy, smashing telly, Apple, iOS/Mac development and, of course, the weather.

I’m on Twitter for day to day stuff and links. I sometimes post photos to Instagram.

I do a bit of iPhone development and have an app on the iTunes AppStore - HKWarnings. More details can be found on my iPhone development blog.

I’m on GitHub too. Some of my repos:

  • fail2ban-0.8.4-OpenSolaris - Changes to get fail2ban-0.8.4 to run on OpenSolaris 5.11 snv_134 with /usr/local/bin/python2.7.
  • Alfred2-Workflows - Some workflows for Alfred 2.
  • dotfiles - My current working branch. See diffs here.
  • ios-library_LITE - A lite version of the official Urban Airship iOS library. The official library handles all of their products, supports armv6 devices and does all sorts of logging and analysis. And it crashed a lot. My version just handles [de]registration and fixed the crashes. Plus, it’s much smaller - 4 MB vs 16 MB. You can see all the gunk I removed here.

I also try to contribute to:

Also the occasional Gist:

Love Docker and have a few repos on Docker Hub. e.g. docker-phpservermonitor-nginx - source here.